Book Review – Tales of Buttercup Grove

Let me begin by saying that I received these two books free from the author/publisher after they reached out to me on instagram.

Though I don’t talk about it professionally much, my faith (mainstream protestant) is a very important part of my life. I’m in the weekly church attendance, occasional Sunday School teacher, music playing category. And it is important for my husband and I to raise our children in our faith as well.

So you would think that would mean my children’s bookshelves are crowded with Christian books. But they’re not because quite honestly I don’t LOVE most children’s Christian literature and I don’t usually buy books if I don’t love them. (That’s what the library is for and I work in a library.) Plus while I had my evangelical period, a lot of them are too conservative for my current place. But I couldn’t help but be very intrigued when Wendy Dunham offered me her latest books to review.

Autumn is for Apple Pie: God Gives Us Friends When We’re Having Bad Days and Winter Snow Fun: God Gives Us Friends When We’re Ready for Adventure are the latest in the Buttercup Grove early reader series. I’m still on my beginning chapter book kick (and have about six half written blog posts) and these fit right in.

These books are divided into “chapters” and at that high beginning readers or very low beginning chapter book level. Standard early reader size, 64 pages, full color illustrations on every page throughout.

Each story is a sweet tale about friendship and how friends can support and uplift each other and enjoy each other’s company. As I mentioned earlier, I can be uncomfortable with material that is too overbearing or didactic. The story just shares a good message about friendship. At the end of each book is one verse. It is a perfect, subtle way to teach and I really appreciate it.

In the end I highly recommend these books as additions to a Christian household or to anyone who just wants a gentle story with a moral core. I’m keeping my review copies for my daughters and put in a suggest a purchase for our library – we have a large population of Christian families who will appreciate these.

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