A sign says "Library Parking Only"

A New Beginning

Welcome to my new site! Thanks for joining me!

I am retiring my Born Librarian blogspot blog and working on maintaining a more focused website. Also I don’t really use the Born Librarian tag anywhere, but I use lizinthelibrary everywhere. (I think bornlibrarian was taken when I joined twitter and so I switched.) I will be reposting and migrating over some of my favorite and most popular content from Born Librarian. Please do me a favor and update your blogroll (if you have one).

My goal is for this to be 60% youth librarianship, 30% children’s literature, 5% management, 5% whatever. (My very first post and I’m already typing WHATEVER, so clearly the focused thing is going great…)

I hadn’t updated Born Librarian in 3 years. My goal is to have a regular posting schedule and dedicated time for blogging on a weekly basis. I also have two small children, so I rather suspect that will happen during my lunch breaks at work.

Tell me what content do you like most in blogs? Book reviews? Program inspiration/plans? Storytime ideas? Flannel boards? Discussion of the hot ideas of the day? Something else?

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